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Welcome to Boukhari Poultry Equipment

Our company is one of the oldest and the leadest in this field, where it has been established in 1958, in Damascus,
Now, we are one of the most important and deep-seated equipment manufacturers in Syria's poultry sector.
And the representative of many foreign companies. we are proud of pioneering to the development and improvement of Syrian poultry sector.

Our main products:
- Industrial & Trade all kind of poultry equipments.
- Slaughtering.
- Feed mill plants.

Poultry equipment:
We are producing:
- Feeding, Watering, Control, Lighting, Ventilation, Heating, and Cooling.
- Feed silos, Feed transport.
- Cage systems.
- Digital and computerized control systems.

We have the capability to offer every kind of poultry production systems.
By importing and exporting we offer our products to our local and foreign customers.
Slaughtering: we offer a special slaughtering with several sizes.
Feed mill plants: with several capacities and all kind of spare parts.
Our aim is always to convert our experience, which we gained in the sector, to quality products and transmit to our precious customers. Customer satisfaction is more important for us than everything, where we offer them the best quality with the best price.
You will feel our difference with our understanding without making any concessions from our production quality, with our brand remembered with trust and with our after sales technical service and support service which we offer to our customers.